Official Confirmation for the Olympic Winter Games 2018

25. janvier 2018

Official Confirmation for the Olympic Winter Games 2018

It is official now, the Belgian Olympic Committee has announced its nominees for the Winter Olympics at today’s Board-Meeting. Belgium Biathlon will be participating with two athletes in Pyeongchang, South Korea. This is the first participation at the Olympic Games in the history of Belgium Biathlon. Thierry Langer is another Biathlete, who will be traveling to South Korea but he is participating for the Royal Belgium Ski Association as he qualified in cross-country skiing.

We do not just want to participate
The athletes, as well as those responsible are in agreement, Michael Rösch and Florent Claude are not going to Pyeongchang to just participate. Joe Oberlacher, Athletic Director and Coach of the Belgium Biathletes, feels certain: «Both athletes have the potential to finish in the top 10 on a good day». Especially Michael Rösch is extremely motivated to participate for the second time at the Olympics. After a 12-year drought, he is finally able to compete at such a big event again. In 2006 he won Olympic Gold for Germany and barely missed the Olympic Games in 2014. The naturalization had taken a long time and his passport was issued too late. This gives Rösch extra motivation; «I am ready to give it my all and am excited about the Games».
Also, Florent Claude is a naturalized Belgian. What distinguishes him as well as Michael Rösch is a deep loyalty. Florent Claude much appreciates his position, “I am very grateful for this opportunity, which was made possible by Belgium Biathlon and the Belgian Olympic Committee. My results this winter were better than expected. After almost two years without participating in a serious competition, I was not sure where I was standing and I am very excited that it turned out this well.” The new competition in the own team is a positive development and gives all athletes an additional motivation.

Thierry Langer in Cross-Country Skiing
Thierry also proved to be in great shape and showed this during the qualification for the Royal Belgium Ski Association in cross-country skiing. He is the first Belgian cross-country skier, that represent the East-Belgium region at the Olympic Games. Thierry Langer is opportunistic: “My goal is clearly to achieve the best possible result of the season, if possible in the first half of the classification”.

The Dates
The time difference between the CET is +8 hours

Sprint: 10.02.2018 12:15 o’clock CET
Pursuit: 12.02.2018 13:00 o’clock CET
Individual: 15.02.2018 12:00 o’clock CET
Mass Start: 18.02.2018 12:15 o’clock CET